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DC, Maryland, Virginia, Online

Personal Training

  • Adults (18+ y.o.)

  • Youth (2-18 y.o.)

Group Training (Youth and Adult)

  • 2 - 8 participants

Team Training

  • 8 - 20 participants

Youth Programs

  • Kids Athletics (Ages 3-12)

  • Teens Athletics (Ages 11-18)

School Enrichment Programs

  • Primary School

  • Elementary School

  • Middle School

  • High School

Birthday Parties

  • Unique sports birthday party for your child!

Online Programing and Training


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Eric D

I have been working with Andrew for about four months now and it has been a great experience. This is the fourth time I have worked with a personal trainer (with major gaps of time in between each), and is the best experience I have had by far.

Andrew took great care when we began so that I was challenged without being hobbled by aches and pains for days after. I was able to return to the gym and continue training despite having been inactive for several years prior to starting up an exercise regimen again.

The level of difficulty has ramped up slowly and steadily so that I have remained challenged and enthused. Plenty of stretching and exercises focused on increasing my mobility have been worked into our sessions since the beginning. The impact on the quality of my life has been profound. Several chronic aches and pains that I assumed were now a fact of life have lessened or disappeared completely.

Despite a lifelong disinterest in athletics, I now look forward to my time in the gym. Andrew will keep you interested and challenged every time you meet with him. He is great at motivating and encouraging you during the workouts while still spotting and calling out any evidence of slacking. I can not possibly recommend him enough.

Alison M

I am what you would call resistant to exercise; I hate it! But, even working around injuries, Andrew makes my workout dynamic, fun, energetic, and effective. Andrew also helps me work out smarter, with regular attention to form correction so that I get the most out of each session.   He meets you where you are, fitness wise, and works towards consistently elevating that level. I love feeling strong and toned.